About Us

Egyptholidays.co.uk was created out of our love for holidays to Egypt. Our team has been involved with the destination for over 30 years. We have been arranging scuba diving holidays and cultural tours for many years. With the re-opening of Sharm-el-Sheikh, one of our favourite places to visit in Egypt we decided it was time to expand our holiday range from just diving and culture to include beach holidays offering clients the opportunity to engage with the many outstanding sites and activities available in this wide ranging destination.

Experts with lots of local knowledge

We have been visiting Egypt for 30 years. We have probably been to most places the average tourist would like to go and many more. Exploring with the locals their environment and digging much deeper than the beach resorts of Hurghada. We aim to expand the desires of our customers to see some of the sights or take in the glory of the underwater world the Red Sea has to offer.

We can create exciting itineraries for those looking for tailor made holidays taking in multiple locations including Nile River cruises and visits to the Pyramids. We have worked with our local Egyptologists who will guide you through the Ancient Temples and beyond.

We are a Family

Our team is a family and work very closely to manage our holidays ensuring safety and quality while focussing on providing excellent value for money holidays. Our approach is to treat customers how we like to be treated, we are a little bit old in our ways in that sense. We want our customers to become part of the Egyptholidays.co.uk family with thier annual Egyptian holiday taken care of by our team.

Family Holiday Specialists

We are family owned and run and this allows us to run things how we wish. We are always looking at our resorts from a family angle and we employ our young recruits Harry and Rosie to visit and review the experiences. This gives us a great insight into how to operate our holidays, such as each family always has their own private van transfer so they are not waiting for 100 other people to get to the coach. We also pre-arrange all VISA's so there is no hanging around on arrival. We know how the country works and engage with local partners to ensure smooth operation of our holidays.

Scuba Diving Experts

We are a team of scuba divers and have done thousands of dives in the Red Sea and beyond. Our expertise has lead our team to run leading scuba diving holiday brands Oonasdivers and Ultimate Diving for many years. We bring this expertise to Egyptholidays.co.uk and to those seeking thier first underwater experience.