Marsa Alam is set on the east coast of Egypt on over 50km of unspoiled coastline with shimmering white beaches and fringed palm trees that give this paradise a tropical feel. The stunning coral reefs and abundance of marine life puts Marsa Alam at the top of the list for many divers. You will find Port Ghalib very entertaining, this exclusive marina development has a range of international restaurant chains and high-quality eateries alongside tree-lined quay brims where you can enjoy your evenings.


  • Pristine reefs, dolphins, sharks and giant turtle encounters
  • Visit Wadi El Gamal for a range of desert activities
  • Tuck into fresh seafood at Port Ghalib Marina
  • Must visit historical sites such as Cleopatra's Mine, a spot to dig for emeralds and other jewels


  • Air Temperature: 22-38°c
  • Sea Temperature: 21-31°c
  • Flying Time: 5 hours - Marsa Alam International Airport
  • Abu Dabbab Diving Lodge
    Natural location

    Abu Dabbab Diving Lodge

    from £795pp
    Rating Rating Rating
  • Brayka Bay Resort
    Spa & body treatments

    Brayka Bay Resort

    from £1195pp
    Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • Concorde Moreen Beach Resort
    Private sandy beach

    Concorde Moreen Beach Resort

    from £915pp
    Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • Jaz Grand Marsa
    Three swimming pools

    Jaz Grand Marsa

    from £995pp
    Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • Marina Lodge At Port Ghalib
    Divers resort by the Marina

    Marina Lodge At Port Ghalib

    from £1295pp
    Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • Marsa Nakari
    Diver's resort

    Marsa Nakari

    from £1035pp
    Rating Rating
  • Marsa Shagra
    Diver's resort

    Marsa Shagra

    from £1095pp
    Rating Rating Rating
  • Oasis Dive Resort
    Calm relaxed atmosphere

    Oasis Dive Resort

    from £850pp
    Rating Rating Rating
  • Sunrise Marina Resort Port Ghalib
    Great for families & couples

    Sunrise Marina Resort Port Ghalib

    from £950pp
    Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • The Three Corners Equinox Beach Resort
    Long soft beach & large pool

    The Three Corners Equinox Beach Resort

    from £820pp
    Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza
    Spa & wellness centre

    The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza

    from £890pp
    Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • The Three Corners Happy Life Beach Resort
    Ideal for families

    The Three Corners Happy Life Beach Resort

    from £850pp
    Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • The Three Corners Sea Beach Resort
    Waterpark on-site

    The Three Corners Sea Beach Resort

    from £840pp
    Rating Rating Rating Rating
  • Aswan - Abu Simbel
    City Trips

    Aswan - Abu Simbel

    An excursion by bus from Aswan to Abi Simbel. On the first day, check-in to a hotel in Asuan. The next day at 4;00am, transfer to Abu Simbel and visit two of the biggest and very symbolic Egyptian monuments - Ramses II temples. These temples were meant to show the power and impress foreigners. A traveller discovered these temples in 1813..

    • Duration: 2 days
    from £232pp
  • Aswan - Green South of Egypt
    City Trips

    Aswan - Green South of Egypt

    On the way to Aswan, we stop and visit Edfu, Karnak, Temple of Horus, the God of Feritility. Finally arriving in Aswan, this city is founded on the most amazing section of Nile. Visit the biggest artifical water reservoir on the planet.. The 'Great Asuan Dam' located on Nasser Lake.

    Another stops include; Isis Temple on Philae Island and an original Egyptian perfumery with a view of the Nile with lunch!

    • Duration: 1 day
    from £130pp
  • Coral Garden
    Boat Trip

    Coral Garden

    During this trip there is 3 stops on the boat, the first stop with give you the chance to meet wild dolphins. The other stops is a chance to relax and lie on the water enjoying the colourful coral garden under the sea.

    Return between 16:00 and 17:00.

    • Duration: 1 day
    from £52pp
  • Diving
    Boat Trip


    Sail and discover the Red Sea delights in two dive sites. Each dive is about 25 minutes long where the professional dive guides will take you down to see the marine life.

    The sites have depths of 6m and 12m, Intro dives are available for 10 years +.

    If you didn't fancy diving, you can enjoy snorkeling in the sea or just relaxing on the top deck of the yacht. Lunch will be provided.

    • Duration: 1 day
    from £82pp
  • El Quseir Afternoon
    City Trips

    El Quseir Afternoon

    Live like a local!
    Spend the afternoon at El Quseir and visit a Coptic Temple, Mosque and time for shopping too! There is a large choice of restaurants where you can eat Egyptian cuisine such as seafood restaurants like El Fardous. The best in El Quseir. Try Egpytian coffee or hibiscus tea in a typical and relaxing Egyptian cafe.

    • Duration: One afternoon
    from £40pp
  • Port Ghalib
    Hotel and Tours

    Port Ghalib

    Depart from your hotel at around 19:30 - 20:00. Spend two hours of your free time in port where there is plenty of restaurants cafes to choose from with a lovely view.

    • Duration: 2 hours
    from £13pp
  • Quad
    Adventure Tours


    Ride around the wild and virgin desert and view the amazing landscapes along the way. Admire the sunset and enjoy a camel ride.

    Choose from a single or double quad..

    • Duration: 3 hours
    from £46pp
  • Qulaan Islands
    Adventure Tours

    Qulaan Islands

    The islands you visit on these tour are similar to those in the Caribbean! White sand and crystal blue sea. This excursion is a whole day to the Qulaan Islands.

    The Qulaan Islands is located south of Wadi El-Hamata National Park.

    Depart in the morning from Hamata Marina (Marsa Alam - 130km away on the boat). 3 stops for snorkeling (45 minutes each) around the islands to admire the underwater beauty.

    • Duration: 1 day
    from £80pp
  • Satayah - Dolphin Tour
    Boat Trip

    Satayah - Dolphin Tour

    Swim with dolphins in the wild is a rare experience!

    The boat will take you south of Egypt to Hamata Marine, cruise and relax and have the possibility to see Dolphins around the boat. Stop at the coral reef after this and admire the colour fish.

    An additional $3-4 will be payable onboard for a national park ticket.

    • Duration: 1 day
    from £80pp
  • Seascope Submarine
    Boat Trip

    Seascope Submarine

    For people who want to see the amazing coral reefs without getting wet! Watch the underwater world through a magnifying glass on the sde of the boat from the lower deck. The lower deck has a depth of around 2-3m. This makes the marine life visible.

    The boat departs from Port Ghalib. Choose from the different options:

    Nefertari / Seascope - around a 2-hour cruise in the morning to visit the reefs.

    Mega Nefrarti - Afternoon cruise: a snorkeling stop, visiting reefs, seafood dinner. 1-hour for shopping when returning back to Port Ghalib.

    • Duration: 2 hours or one afternoon
    from £57pp
  • Sharm El Luli Snorkeling
    Nature Tours

    Sharm El Luli Snorkeling

    Snorkel one of the best beaches in the whole of Marsa Alam! Find the fascinating coral reef, this calm bay has no tourists boats so its peaceful for snorkelling and the underwater world. The water is hot and the marine life love it.

    This excursions takes you to this reef in the Wadi El Gamal National Park for 3 hours of snorkeling and relaxing time.

    Please note: National Park Fee is an extra fee of $5-6 payable onboard.

    • Duration: 3 hours
    from £40pp
  • Super Safari
    Soft & Easy

    Super Safari

    Visit the undiscovered desert via landcruiser and see how villagers live in these conditions and how they cope in this difficult environment. Starting at noon, see the Beduins villagers daily routine and enjoy a camel ride and a quad ride..Dinner will be served at sunset prepared by the villagers. You will also get to see a traditional performers of local dancers and Tunoura.

    • Duration: Couple of hours (noon)
    from £62pp
  • Turtle House
    Nature Tours

    Turtle House

    Visit the reef gardens along with the sea turtles and many fish species. The famous reefs live between Marsa Imbarak and Marsa Shuni. Theres a chance you'll see a wild dugong!

    • Duration: 1 day
    from £52pp

Marsa Alam’s charm is its calm and quiet atmosphere, yet home to a few relaxed bars, restaurants, and music venues located in Port Ghalib Marina. Being the ideal base for a relaxing or water packed activity holiday and to make sure you make the most of your holiday we have listed below some facts that you will find handy as we know you will be very busy soaking in the glorious sun or exploring this beautiful bay.


Check with your resort as they maybe operating a shuttlebus into town or to the nearest beach. Taxis are readily available; you can flag them down but do agree a price before starting your journey.


  • As a British citizen, you will need a valid passport and a visa to enter Marsa Alam. You can get your visa at the airport when you arrive or from the Egyptian Consulate. For further information please visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/egypt/entry-requirements.
  • Marsa Alam is 2 hours ahead of UK time (GMT).
  • The currency used is the Egyptian pound.
  • The language spoken is Arabic
  • Resorts will be busy after Ramadan as Egyptian families will go away to celebrate. Ramadan is a sacred month when Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. Ramadan for the year 2021 starts on the evening of Monday, the 12th April lasting 30 days and ending at sundown on Tuesday the 11th of May.
  • Cloud and rain are rare however evenings can be breezy so take a jumper. May and June are usually the hottest months with record highs of 43-45°c.
  • The Sights
    The Sights

    North of Marsa Alam the exclusive marina development of Port Ghalib is well worth a visit, here you will find over 100 upmarket shops, bars and restaurants situated along the attractive tree-lined quay. You can also embark on an exciting adventure aboard an underwater submarine where, through a panoramic window, you will see corals, fish and other marine life. Alternatively, you can head inland and explore the Temple of Seti I at Khanais.

  • Oceanfront

    Of the many beaches you can enjoy around Marsa Alam Abu Dabab is among the most famous, here you are almost certain to see a turtle or two when diving, and maybe even the elusive dugong. If you want to get away from it all then travel south to the peaceful Honokrab beach where you may only have the underwater creatures for company. Sun worshippers will be spoilt for choice as there are many glorious beaches to explore and it almost never rains!

  • Explore More
    Explore More

    Elphinstone Reef is a must see for divers with its coral landscape, oceanic whitetips and hammerhead sharks. Another gem is Samadai Reef, known as ‘Dolphin House’, where spinner dolphins congregate. Or stay on dry land and enjoy a day trip to the historic city of El Quseir, the Red Sea’s oldest port, where you’ll find tourist bazaars and an Ottoman citadel. At dusk take a camel safari into the desert to watch the sun set and visit a Bedouin village for coffee and traditional bread that is baked in the sand.