Luxor, the former ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes is home to some of the most spectacular sites in the world and provides a feast of contemporary experiences and ancient history. Located by the River Nile in Southern Egypt, it is the perfect place for anyone who wants to spend their days exploring these famous sites that date back to the time of the Pharaohs. Alongside the ancient you can find the street markets and modern Arabia malls which are Luxor’s urban hubs offering an immersive collage of colours, sounds and smells.


  • Known as ‘the world’s largest open-air museum'
  • Ideal starting point for cruises on the Nile River
  • Renowned nightlife home to a wealth of restaurants, cocktail bars, cafes and bustling bazaars
  • Home of the Luxor Temple, Temple of Karnak, Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens


  • Air Temperature: 15-40°c
  • Sea Temperature: 21-28°c
  • 5 hours – Luxor International Airport
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  • Luxor – A Pearl Of Antiquity
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    Luxor – A Pearl Of Antiquity

    You will visit Karnak Temple - complex built during 1500 years. Cruise on Nile is extra-charged on the place by 5$ for volunteers. 18m high Memnon’s 2 Colossus. Visit in Temple Hatshepsut - the only kown Woman Pharaoh in history. Tresspass near the house of Howard Carter - archeologist, who discovered the tomb of Tutanchamon in 1922. Visit in famous King Valley, where You will visit 3 tombs of egyptian lords. Shopping in alabaster manufactury.

    The price includes English guide Dep. early morning, back ca. 23:00.

    • Duration: 1 Day
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  • Luxor Highlights
    Adventure Tours

    Luxor Highlights

    See the great temples of Karnak, spectacular tombs in the Valley of the Kings, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Boat across the Nile and more on this amazing day. Bus Tour.

    • Duration: 1 day
    from £101pp

Luxor on the east bank of the Nile invites you to explore its ancient past and to ensure you get the most out of your holiday experience our expert team with years of experience and unrivalled product knowledge puts us in the perfect position and provides you with this handy Fact File.


The city’s locals use minibuses, it is the cheapest way to travel and there are fixed routes but no maps, you just hail the bus down and take a seat. If you don’t pay the driver they will assume you don’t know the price and charge when you get off. The bus will stop anywhere that is requested. There are also plenty of taxis available, they don’t have meters, but they will have rates set out for specific journeys such as airport transfers and short trips in and around Luxor. You will find many places to rent bikes, check the quality beforehand and be aware that you may be asked to leave your passport or driver’s license as a deposit. You will also see lots of Chinese motorcycles for hire, make sure you ask for a helmet as they are not commonly used.


  • As a British citizen, you will need a valid passport and a visa to enter Luxor. You can get your visa at the airport when you arrive or from the Egyptian Consulate. For further information please visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/egypt/entry-requirements.
  • Luxor is 2 hours ahead of UK time (GMT).
  • The currency used is the Egyptian pound.
  • The language spoken is Arabic
  • Resorts will be busy after Ramadan as Egyptian families will go away to celebrate. Ramadan is a sacred month when Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. Ramadan for the year 2021 starts on the evening of Monday, the 12th April lasting 30 days and ending at sundown on Tuesday the 11th of May.
  • If you visit Luxor around April then you can enjoy Sham El-Nessim, an outdoor festival celebrating the first day of Spring. Egyptians head outside to local parks and gardens for picnics, singing, dancing and theatre performances.
  • The Sights
    The Sights

    On the east side of the Nile the impressive temples of Luxor and Karnak can be found, here you can walk amongst a vast mix of chapels, pylons and decaying temples. Across the river on the west bank you will find the Valley of The Kings and The Valley of the Queens along with other sites such as Deir el-Medina and the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu. Take the kids to learn about the mummification process at the city’s museum where they can see examples such as mummified crocodile.

  • River Side
    River Side

    Sandy beaches and crystal waters are within easy reach of Luxor with Hurghada just 4 hours away although water is ever present here with the famous Nile River on your doorstep. You can take a felucca, traditional Egyptian sailboat, up the Nile to watch the sunset whilst enjoying the views of the bustling riverbanks. A walk down the Sharia al-Corniche offers stunning views of Luxor Temple and across the river.

  • Explore More
    Explore More

    For a real taste of Egypt you could hire a horse, donkey or camel and take a ride around the West Bank, or for the adventurous jump into a hot air balloon and enjoy the ancient city with its magnificent sights from another perspective. An absolute must see whilst in Luxor is the spectacular light and music show at the Temple of Karnak.