Why book your holiday to the Red Sea with us?

Our team have been organising holidays to the Red Sea for over 30 years, we know the place inside out and can provide that personal service one craves from a holiday company. Read more about our company here .

  • Location Specialists

    We all visit Egypt on a regular basis

    We are lucky in that being a fairly small team with modern technology we are all able to travel to Egypt and still manage our booking workload. This enables us to have a close relationship with our location partner teams and have the latest first-hand knowledge.

    We love Egypt, it is the reason why we love to sell holidays to the location. It is borne from a passion for the country and a desire to work closely to develop its tourism in a proactive manner supporting the lives of the individuals who create the experience for our clients. Our local team are available 24/7 for any support and can visit your hotel as required should any assistance be required. We are also available 24/7 from the UK.

    We love everything from culture to scuba diving

    We are experts in the local culture and sights so we can provide the best advice on how to organise your trip including time of year if you are worried about the heat or busy holiday periods from other global visitors.

    We are qualified scuba divers allowing us to give you a detailed overview of the scuba offering in different locations. We can arrange a mix of culture as well as your families first underwater experience in the Red Sea. For qualified divers we can arrange holidays and liveaboards with all the major boat fleets.

  • Financial and Data Security

    ATOL Protection

    We are an ATOL Bonded company (4032). This means your money is safe when paid to us for your holiday. The CAA ensure the financial viability of any holiday company with an ATOL and should a failure occur the ATOL scheme Fund is in place to refund any client who has paid us any monies. We have held our ATOL for over 25 years and are one of the longest standing ATOL holders in the UK.

    We recommend that you should always book your holiday with an ATOL protected business, even if this is not with us. This ensures cost free repatriation should your holiday company go out of business. And ensures all monies paid to the company are safe and secure.

    Personal Data

    Personal Data (PI) as we call it is something we take super seriously! We do not share any data that is not required to operate our holidays and data is only released at the time required not before. Most of our partners will not see any PI until 6 weeks prior to travel and then we only release what is required for each partner to manage their part of the holiday.

    We use SSL Encryption on all our systems and our payment processing is PCI DSS compliant. As we are a smaller company without a global footprint or vast subsidiaries we are able to limit data transfer greatly. We do not sell any personal data and we anonymise data after your travel that is not required such as DOB and Passport Numbers. We do not store any credit card data so we will ask you for the details each time a payment is required to be made or we will send a link for you to make payment securely via our online system.

  • Personal Service from a Friendly Team

    Our Team

    We always focus on service, it is at our heart and being a smaller company we can ensure we achieve this goal. We have a close relationship with our customers and many return year after year for their annual holiday.

    Our team is wider than our four walls, our 20 years relationships with airlines, hotels and local ground operators and the staff that work for them to bring all the elements of our holidays in a way that customers have loved over the years.

    Our Service Approach

    We are here to serve you. We will never try and sell you something you don't want, we will be honest about the pro's and con's of a resort and how it is suited budget wise as everyone must accept paying less will endure less quality. We focus on value for money and will offer mindful upgrades or downgrades based on what will offer you the best experience. Spending the most on a top hotel won't always be best and we will be open to tell you this when enquiring with your requirements.

    We are always available on the phone. Something in a modern world people often overlook as important when booking a holiday, our knowledge and value for money keeps our approach valid and customers who value the service continue to return year after year.